Psykick Lyrikah and other treasures of the equilibrium


Now we know why they call him Roberto El Magnífico. Because only someone with that name, the bass player and man-machine in Psykick Lyrikah, could have given us the sort of fun, unexpected and for-free send off to ZEMOS98 we witnessed on Saturday night.

When Olivier Mellano and Arm left the stage, they asked the dj Robert Le Magnifique to show off some of his solo art. And he did, scratching vinyl and pounding the bass, driving the audience at the Teatro de la Alameda into fits of dancing while they chanted their name “Robeeeertoooo, Robeeeertoooo”.

Olivier Mellano, well known by Spanish fans of the most intense French pop thanks to his role as guitar player with Dominique A, Yann Tiersen or his own previous band Mobiil (he´s also a writer), didn´t understand why they´d been booked for ZEMOS98 as theirs is not an audiovisual show. But when they tell us about their parallel projects (such as the hip hop adaptation of Shakespeare), they completely agree that “education can happen any moment, anywhere”.

The mental picture of this show that I´d mark as fave in Flickr shows the robust figure of Arm, of devastating stillness and a physical silence as expressive as his words, at the centre of the stage. Olivier strums away to his left. A dance of seduction between the hip hop the former represents and the rock the latter practices.

With the bitterness and ardor proper of the last night of a festival, it´s time to collect all these words and remix the future.

C’est tout. Merci beaucoup. À bientôt.


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